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How to prevent bedbug re-infestation by school going kids

By |2019-02-03T10:48:44+00:00February 3rd, 2019|Pest Control|

Kids do not literally collect bedbugs and carry them home. The bedbugs find their way to your home by attaching themselves to your kids’ clothes, boxes, computers, bags and belongings. Notice that your kids mingle with other kids whose homes are infested with bedbugs. As they live together in dormitories or learn in class, the bedbugs spread to their items without their knowledge.

Insecticides Used For Cockroach Control

By |2018-12-23T16:30:31+00:00December 23rd, 2018|Pest Control|

Cockroaches do not bite people but their waste can cause allergic reactions. A lot of DIY methods of cockroach treatment barely work to get rid of cockroaches permanently. Luckily, there are certain insecticides which when applied by pest control experts can give you a permanent solution to the cockroach infestation. In this article, we look at some of the readily available cockroach control insecticides that you should consider.

Tips on Choosing the Best Pest Control Services in Nairobi

By |2018-10-18T15:00:36+00:00October 18th, 2018|Pest Control|

There are several providers of pest control services in Nairobi and it can be quite difficult to know the one who provides genuine and long-lasting solutions. The following tips will be very useful in helping you select the best pest control company.

Termites not only deplete your wealth but also affect your health

By |2018-07-18T15:57:13+00:00July 18th, 2018|Pest Control|

In many cases, people only worry about the damage termite cause on their property. But, these pests also invade the health and safety of human beings in various ways.  For these reasons, it is wise to seek expert advice on how to identify and exterminate termites from your property.

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