Fendona 60 SC 250ml

//Fendona 60 SC 250ml

Fendona 60 SC 250ml


Fendona 60 SC is used worldwide as a standard insecticide to control almost all flying and crawling insects like fleas, ticks, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, moths and storage pest.


Fendona 60 SC is used worldwide as a standard insecticide to control almost all flying and crawling insects. It is a core tool in the professional pest control tool box for its rapid and reliable action, broad activity and high public safety and acceptability.

Fendona 60 SC is active against a wide range of insect pests by both contact and ingestion for the most effective control at low dose rates. It stands out from other synthetic pyrethroid sprays for the efficacy and stability of its advanced micro-crystalline particle formulation. It is quick and easy to apply with an environmental profile that makes it especially suitable for insect control in sensitive locations.

Detailed Product Information
Formulation: Soluble Concentrate
Active Ingredients: Alpha-cypermethrin 60g/l
Manufactured by  BASF
Proven High Performance, Low Dose Formulation

Widely regarded as one of the most valuable public heath tools in the global fight against malaria and other insect borne diseases, Fendona 60 SC is a unique alpha-cypermethrin formulation of proven value in professional pest control.

It contains 60g/L of the synthetic pyrethroid insecticide active against a wide range of problem and nuisance insect pests in a specialist suspension concentrate formulation.

Micro-crystalline particles combine with a carefully researched balance of suspension and dispersion agents to ensure the greatest immediate and extended activity, even against less-readily controllable species like bed bugs. The advanced alpha-cypermethrin formulation further ensures dependable results at exceptionally low doses for maximum application convenience and minimum total treatment cost.

Benefits of Fendona 60 SC
  • Quick and Effective at low concentrations on all surfaces
  • Odorless (water-based product)
  • It does not stain and does not cause corrosion
  • Easy dosing and easy to prepare
  • Strong safety profile
  • Approved for food processing areas
  • Recommended by the WHO for malaria control
  • Proven high performance, low dose formulation
  • Excellent broad spectrum insect control
  • Rapid knockdown and reliable residual action
  • Easy, acceptable and safe in use
Excellent Broad Spectrum Insect Control

Fendona 60 SC is recommended throughout the world for controlling just about every type of flying or crawling insect in domestic, commercial and public health applications. In particular, it gives highly effective control of:

  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths
  • Silverfish
  • Termites
  • Wasps
  • Other disease causing insects

It is equally suited to use in domestic housing, commercial premises including food processing plants, and public buildings like hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

Rapid Knockdown and Reliable Residual Action

Fendona 60 SC has earned its preeminent insect control reputation for combining speed of action with reliable residuality.

  • Its micro particles cling to the feet and antennae, sensitizing insects within the first few minutes of contact.
  • This causes irritation and grooming in an attempt to remove the insecticide, increasing exposure through both contact and ingestion.
  • Excellent bio-absorption of the fat soluble active substance to knockdown in as little as 30 minutes and death within 24 hours.
  • The special suspension concentrate formulation gives even surface coverage and excellent adherence to porous and other difficult surfaces like mortar, brick and cement without significant active ingredient absorption. This can provide three months of residual action in most environments.
Easy, Acceptable and Safe in Use
  • Fendona 60 SC is easy to dilute and apply through any type of spray equipment and can be used with confidence in combination or rotation with other insecticide classes to combat resistance development
  • It is odorless and non staining
  • Coupled with a notably low use rate and skin-irritation effects, this makes Fendona especially suitable for use in sensitive locations
  • Humans and pets should not be present when the product is being applied, and should only re-enter the area/room when the product has dried
  • When applied as directed on the label, Fendona presents minimal disruption to humans and pets
  • Good biodegradability adds to its superior overall environmental profile
  • Any residues can be removed from treated surfaces wherever necessary with warm water and normal household cleaners
How does it work?

The Fendona 60 SC “knock-down” effect is achieved after 30 minutes.

It is formulated in the form of a concentrated suspension (SC), which provides uniform coverage of treated surfaces and good adhesion, even of very porous surfaces. This way residual activity of the product lasts up to 3 months.

Fendona can be used to control insects in households, public health premises, industrial and public buildings.

Effective use for the greatest value
  • Fendona 60 SC is formulated containing 60g/l of alpha-cypermethrin as a water-based suspension concentrate
  • It is diluted with water at the rate of 5ml/litre for application through all standard knapsack or hand-held sprayers at low pressure (approximately 2 bar) using a medium nozzle
  • Each bottle of concentrate incorporates an integrated measuring chamber for easy and efficient dosing
  • Sprayers should be filled with the required amount of water and the measured dose of Fendona 60 SC added before being shaken thoroughly to ensure even mixing
  • Thorough shaking is also recommended after any prolonged breaks from work
  • Spraying should achieve a uniform coverage of the target area without excessive wetting or liquid run-off
  • In normal use 25 ml of Fendona 60 SC diluted to 5 litres water is sufficient to treat around 100 m2 of surface, each litre of product treating around 4000 m2
  • A double dose is recommended for heavy infestations and for soiled or highly absorbent and porous surfaces to ensure sufficient coverage for optimum activity


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