Reusable Rat & Mouse Trap

//Reusable Rat & Mouse Trap

Reusable Rat & Mouse Trap


Buy a humane Rat and Mouse trap for home or office use. Easy to bait and eliminate all rodents at a fair price without the use of poisons!


This humane rat and mouse trap is the best alternative to poison in sensitive areas like restaurants, hotels, offices, homes, and schools.

How it works
  • You just need to place the trap strategically with an attractive bait (groundnuts, cheese, chips, miratex pellets, baraki pellets or storm blocks.) inside.
  • When the mouse or rat gets lured in, it cannot escape after since the exit path is inaccessible.
  • Use gloves to unhook the cage from the base and dispose of what has been caught.
Why you should buy a rat & mouse trap
  • Easy to bait & re-bait
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple catches per set of baiting
  • Safe for both animals, kids, and users
  • 100% effective, the prey cannot escape after getting trapped
  • Can trap both small & large rat species
  • Its reusable for many rodent outbreak seasons
  • Has a hook wire at the base to open and place bait or remove trapped rats
Where can it be used?
  • Food processing areas like restaurants, hotels, butcheries, and stores
  • Large properties like shopping malls, schools, farms, and offices

If you don’t fancy poisons or are looking to speed up rodent control by using traps, add it to the cart and proceed to check out and we will deliver to your doorstep countrywide for free.

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